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Fish Clip

This ingenious idea has made quite a splash—more than two million FishClips® have been sold! Born from recognizing the need for something better than a twist-tie, the Fish Clip’s unique patented mechanism ratchets closed as it is pulled tight, producing a tighter seal than if a spring was used to press it closed.

Rewind Bottle Opener

The idea for the Rewind Bottle opener popped into our minds after seeing a number of bottle openers tied to coolers with a short string. Using an ID badge reel was a great way to tidy up the look while also allowing for three feet of string to be used. Plus, the stainless-steel insert will never wear out! 

Sandwich Boss

Waste not with the Sandwich Boss! After years of struggling to get the last ounces of peanut butter out of the jar, we decided it was time to design a more effective tool for the job. Enter the Sandwich Boss. Its flexible back edge makes it easy to get every last drop out of any jar, and its kid friendly cutting edge provides a “first chef’s knife” experience for young cooks—letting them safely chop foods to help in the kitchen.