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Tub Tunes

Don’t all budding musicians practice in the bath? That’s because bath time can provide a rich learning environment for children. Using water to tune the flute like a slide whistle allows them to see how the water volume affects the whistle’s tone. Plus, waterproof music sheets allow kids to play music by color. The award-winning line of Tub Tunes™ was expanded to include tunable Water Drums, Trumpet, and a Xylophone.

Jet Hawk

Gliders are fun, but they don’t stay airborne very long since they’re not meant to be launched at a high speed. To remedy that, we took aerodynamics to a higher level and developed the Jet Hawk with folding deployable wings and a compressed air launch gun. Simply fold back the wings, pump the launcher, and fire it into the sky. The wings deploy at the apex of flight for the longest flight possible.

Speed Loader

The best part about water guns is soaking your friends. The worst part about water guns is filling and pumping them. So we created the Speed Loader. This bad boy rapidly refills using the filling attachment on a hose. While filling, it captures the pressure of the hose and inflates an internal bladder, allowing you to spray continuously without the need to pump it. Don’t just get ‘em wet, DRENCH ‘EM!

Sonic Rainbow

Wearing light toys in night clubs is super popular. But we knew we could pump up the experience by giving the devices the ability to flash to the music. So the Sonic Rainbow watch was born. The internal microphone listens for different sound frequencies and flashes to the music, providing a synchronized light show on your wrist.  Red for bass, green for treble, yellow and orange for mid-range. What’s more, this colorful creation was featured in Wired Magazine.